Paralysis By Analysis

Paralysis by analysis is a term taken from the computing field and according to Wikipedia refers to when an analyst or a group of them aims to discover and shape each and every one of the details of a problem in the development of a computer system and this is the typical error of certain projects where never begins to implement or develop prototypes because the project is immersed in a permanent phase of analysis. This problem is not exclusive of the computer area, but that we can suffer in any activity in which we require some prior knowledge. So the Online business do not escape to this theme. Overdose of an information of the consequences that causes paralysis by analysis in the Internet business, is the lack of action by us overwhelmed seeing so much information that reaches us every day and that ends up confusing us. Sometimes when we beefed us on a new project, we tend to analyze and study each piece of information and every detail of the information that comes to us, so we overloading our minds and only generate doubts, fears, anxiety the best training we can make is that carried out calmly, without troubles, one or a few good reliable sources. As the key to success in online business (and in any plane of life), is taking action, adequate and effective, this study and analysis of all the data that we have just leads us to never take action. The solution the best solution to this problem starts with prevention.

When you begin to study and analyze a new business, we have to choose the best possible source to extract information and to have continuity with it. There is no point if one day you are looking for a book to study, or a page, or a tutorial, and immediately study another, and another. A point in which your mind already will not process any new data, will reach so you only generate fatigue and loss of time and/or money. It is best to look for someone to follow, a mentor who you follow and learn him, that you have subscribed to your newsletter or buy any training course. But the best thing is to be only one, at most two. Do not follow many entrepreneurs or subscribe to dozens of newsletters, only produciras paralysis by analysis. If it is already too late and you have subscribed to many newsletters, rss, courses, etc, what I suggest is that you know low in those who believe that they are not beneficial for you, and solo quedate with one or two. This will help you better focus your energies.

Finally, to fight paralysis by analysis, always take action. Studies, analyzes but always needed and quickly acts, and is still acting and acting. Often errors are our best teachers. And remember: the only way to secure of failing is when we don’t do anything.