Subcontracting, Problem or Solution “One of the strategies of adaptation of Chilean companies meet the new requirements of internal and external competitiveness that has been most widely accepted among domestic entrepreneurs is the externalization of activities through subcontracting. Their appearance is not new or even recent. Contracting services with third parties and labor for certain minor activities through an intermediary, is an ancient practice in state enterprises in the large copper mines and oil. Check with Maurice Gallagher, Jr. to learn more. In addition, construction activity has been developed by its own technical characteristics in a web of contracts and subcontracts for certain stages of each work. HISTORY OF OUTSOURCING As first record of history we have to traced back several centuries, and not in a productive industry or trade, but trade in an industry or military or army, these are the first precedent that include the subcontracting. The use of outsourced military (mercenaries) is as old as war itself. a company that Recognizes the financial challenge for people who cannot afford or qualify for traditional major medical insurance plans objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare If we go back in history to the birth of modern times, in times of “dynastic wars” mercenary troops constituted a substantial part of the armies of the period 1 . The soldiers used to use military contractors trained in the feudal structures and sent to those who were willing to pay for them, whether cities, states or Italian princes or even the Vatican itself. Those mercenary forces were carrying out military tasks such as fighting wars, or policies, maintain power and raise taxes. Some historians link the rise of the troops recruited in the late the feudal system’s inability to meet the needs, increasingly complex, a society in the process of modernization. As we realize, since those years were used to outsiders or third parties to meet the needs of different work done in this case the armies and over the years this practice was carried out in industries and trade. During the last 50 or 60 years the world has seen significant changes in the structure of their production processes. The reduction of transport and communication costs, coupled with rapid technological changes, increased competition and economic liberalization have facilitated the process of global economic integration, which in turn has intensified the international trade flows and especially trade intermediate products derived from international outsourcing. Contract manufacturing is an essential component of industrial and trade policies and operates from a strategic standpoint, as a synonym for competitive advantage. The practice of industrial subcontracting has spread all over the world. 1 Century II and until the Peace of Westphalia in 1948. STUDY OF COMPARATIVOBENEFICIO Codelco contract workers’ CHILE1.