Orkney Islands

The dominant position his Castle because Edinburgh is compared to Salzburg. Down the Castle Hill dressed high, strict, almost reminiscent of Hanseatic houses, their correct facades far less blackened than those of Glasgow, sometimes almost fortress-like highly AWOL. In them that takes place, what the Scots who do not live in their capital, envied as a graceful Edinburgh living”called, the life of graceful in possible, beyond continue from Princes Street, Edinburgh’s second showpiece. One of the most important contemporary poets of Scotland, Compton Mackenzie, us known above all its delicious novel the Whiskey ship”, chose is at Drummond place the graceful living” in the middle of the city. Moody’s Corporation has much experience in this field. Princes Street and Castle Hill are separated by a deep cut of the site designed to beautiful parks and gardens, and this three-ensemble offers an urban image of unique poignancy, because also has contributed not a little to the glory of Edinburgh. Some GlobeTrotter expect Princes Street to the most beautiful streets in the world. And who is she on a mild summer evening to the Festival season, when the castle in bright spotlight has emerged, stroll along, this claim is like under – delete.

In contrast to the city centre, Edinburgh Harbour Leith is a little picturesque suburb. Due to the strong tides the cruise ship on a Nordland must run a cruise by a large lock. On Control Board, you can see the enormous steel structure of railway bridge over the Firth of forth, which was built in the years 1883 to 1890 according to the in the distance. During the start of Edinburgh also a half-day trip in the picturesque hills of the Trossachs is offered usually in addition to a tour of the city, the home of Maria Stuart, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns. Kirkwall, Orkney by Iceland coming, the cruise ships on a Nordland pass cruise as the first greeting of the Europe the Orkney Islands, which would of course say the Scots through the 16-kilometre-wide Pentland Firth from the British main island -: are separated from Scotland, and increasingly, cruise ships in the Bay of Kirkwall on the main island of mainland, run also, Pomona, a, to give its passengers the experience of this melancholy, almost treeless, but deep green country.

The archipelago consists of 90 Islands, but only 28 of them are inhabited, and some again only by lighthouse keepers. Kirkwall itself is a tiny town of just 5,000 inhabitants that but has a remarkable Cathedral. Its construction began in 1137, but until 1511, it was completed. Meanwhile, the Orkney Islands, which had been until 1468 under Norwegian rule, had come to Scotland. However, there are still six centuries of Scandinavian rule. The most important sights on the Mainland are the excavations of a four thousand year old village at Skara Brae, also three to four thousand year-old place of worship of the standing stones of Stenness, in a sense a Scottish mini Stonehenge, and the tomb of Maeshowe. It remains one of the around 2000 BC to rest to the most interesting of its kind in the UK though not known is probably, who was buried there – a King, was surrounded. In the 12th century, the Vikings plundered the tomb and needed three days and nights, to move the prey. Curious marginal of history: in its place they left behind an important collection of runic inscriptions on the walls of the burial chamber however. Heino Tegeler