According to Litwin (1987), the organizational climate is the quality or property of the organizational environment that is perceived or experienced by the members of the Organization and influences their behavior. Measurement of climate reports an aggregate perception about how employees understand goals and policies, the degree of personal responsibility and how they feel within the working group. Davis and Newstrom (1986), suggests that organizational climate is the human environment within which an organization’s employees perform their work. He has real existence and affects everything that happens within the organization. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michael Antonov on most websites. Organizations are always unique, each has its own culture, traditions and methods of action constituting the climate as a whole. For Daft (1992), organizational climate could be understood as a configuration of characteristics that define an organization, as well as the personal characteristics of an individual may constitute your personality. Likewise, the organizational climate is a multidimensional component of elements that can be broken down in terms of organizational structure, modes of organization, styles of leadership, etc. All of them were added to form the particular climate has its own characteristics that represent in a sense, the personality of an organization and it influences the behavior of people. Follow others, such as Media Group, and add to your knowledge base.

Likewise Schein (1982), likewise establishes some characteristics of the organizational climate: it is based on individual perceptions. It is called organizational because it focuses on the practices and procedures of the Organization as elements of analysis. Perceptions of climate represent a response to external stimuli, which is based on the intrinsically psychological nature of the individual. After the analysis of the different meanings in relation to the organizational climate, is assumed for this research that refers to the perception that individuals have how are organizational structures, their characteristics and properties, and expanding the concept, the climate refers to the individual perception of the working environment, the opportunities offered by the Organization to the satisfaction of their needs, independence and autonomy; It reflects a personal orientation and is based on personal values.