Objective: New Customers

The objective here is that, for each target audience that we define and consider important enough, there is content or functionality on our website, which serves to justify their visit and can meet their expectations. Overlooking this point can be much more expensive once the project is already in the planning stage or publication. Defining Objectives The next item approved by the interdepartmental working group is: for each target audience counted in the above list, define what goals can serve the web more efficient or profitable than previously employed by other means, or what NEW OBJECTIVES can not they were pursuing before. These objectives will be tactical and must be aligned with the objectives strategic framework for the web. Again, having people from different departments will give us a much broader view.

Here: Objectives for the target customers: Increase frequency of cross purchase buy loyalty Encourage customers to convert customers.

Alternative sales channels for the target Objectives New Customers: Increase the pace of acquiring new customers lower the cost of acquisition new customers Increase the geographic scope of the clientele: reach new markets demonstrate the product to new customers to increase our brand Etc. branding objectives for the target Distributors: Create a repository of promotional material Create a single, centralized source of information pricing and stock availability Etc. And so on for each target audience are just some examples. The important thing here is to define, for each of the target on our list, the objectives to be met anywhere.