Now Floor

When selecting a flight of stairs to the slope to see to it that the vertical distance from the top plane every rung of the ladder to the ceiling or other protruding parts of the building was at least 2 m. The same goes for landing. In my experience was a case where the overlap in the intercommunication staircase "weighed" on head. Ie height is not allowed to do the stairs rather flat. In such a situation simply had to increase the slope of the second flight of stairs almost to 45?. But possibly not worth such a practice. It's just not convenient. A Now the math.

For example, consider the height of the stairs from the floor surface of the ground floor to the floor in the second level is 3.2 meters. The length of the opening left by the stairs to – 3.5 meters and width of the opening – 2.4 meters. If you do odnomarshevoy ladder, it will almost 45?. As we know, this angle is not the best. And when you consider that we also need a ladder to approach the size of about one meter, and did such a project does not fit. Hence, stairs will be two flights with an intermediate platform. Instead, the site can be zabezhnye stage. Which way to go? The first option is simpler, but requires a high consumption of materials for manufacturing sites.

Second preferred option of saving material, but difficult in execution. To all in the second variant it is possible to make the stairs less steep, as instead of the site will at least another four steps. Consider yet the first option. So, 320 cm divided by the optimum height for future steps, ie, at 16. It is 20 degrees. The last step will be a floor on the second floor. Possible option – 320 cm divided into 19 steps – from 16.84 See Also is an acceptable option for some to stay, master's business.