Night Genoveva

This study &#039 has as objective to analyze stories; ' Causasecreta' ' ' ' Night of Almirante' ' of Axe of Assis, in a perspective of literary textonarrativo and, searching to explore presented literary leiturasinterpretativas the semantic aspects and during the narratives. Objective, to explore the relation that exist between the cruelty, gift in primeiroconto, and the irony and sarcasm that appear of subtle form in as the story queacima was cited. More specifically, in the story ' ' Night of Almirante' ' , osaspectos directed toward the personages, the inherent indications to the narrative, onarrador and the metalanguage, also will be studied. Being the irony the temticaprincipal of the story, will be aspect constantly analyzed in diferentesperspectivas. In ' ' The cause secreta' ' , the thematic one of the cruelty will be boarded emvertentes and differentiated looks. In both the stories, Axe presents traosda nature human being that if disclose in the behaviors of the personages and seusperfis. Word-key: Irony; Sarcasm; Semantic aspects. History counts on a called sailor Deolindo a young that called Genoveva and for it queconheceu if it got passionate madly.

Before it left for its trips, the two had made an oath of amoreterno, made it to it with sufficient empolgao, it nor in such a way, but also it swore. Yangon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The time passed and Deolindo if its promise kept fidiciary office, knew other girls in the ports where it stopped, but it was not become involved with nenhumadelas, in its mind and in its heart it liveed only one woman: Genoveva. Suaamada, on the other hand was left to lead for a new love and if 1 got passionate for umjovem pedlar called Jose Diogo. When the sailor returns the Bragana, for its ' ' noitede almirante' ' , night this where suasmulheres or namoradas the sailors reencontravam, is knowing of what it happens through the old Incia, one lady who liveed with Genoveva.