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MyHammer launches Internet portal HandwerkerSparen craftsmen find cheap clothes, tools, machinery and vehicles on new marketing channel for suppliers and users receive the craft trade 10 euro for each published savings tip Berlin, July 12, 2010 the MY-HAMMER AG has launched the Internet portal HandwerkerSparen. Under craftsmen and service providers find the best industry-related special conditions and discounts now nationwide. The special offers ranging from Workwear tools, machinery and building materials to the wagon or an iPhone. Who subscribed to the free savings tip radar, is pointed out by E-Mail every new offer. For wholesalers and suppliers, the portal offers many advantages, because a new marketing and sales channel is with HandwerkerSparen for their products available.

Dealers can submit their offers and set the range area: so can discounts nationwide or only for certain regions are offered to attract targeted customers. Users can submit also attractive bargains at HandwerkerSparen. Each published savings tip with a reporting bonus of 10 euro will be rewarded up to August 31, 2010. “” In addition monthly under all user tips is a tank voucher to the value of 100 euros raffled. * Gerrit Muller, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG, says: HandwerkerSparen is a further service from us that provides real added value craftsmen.

“* all information about the action of SparTipp sign” from HandwerkerSparen it is here: Germany/01300-action saving tip melden.html HandwerkerSparen can be found on Twitter ( and Facebook ( HandwerkerSparen). MyHammer picture material can be found here: about MyHammer: MyHammer is with over 6 million searches a month number 1 among the Internet portals for trade and service contracts in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. At MyHammer will find private and commercial clients fast and free qualified and evaluated by users craftsmen and service providers. The offered range from complete construction over repairs, apartment renovations and relocations to babysitting and lessons. Contracting Authority can with MyHammer targeted sectors, qualification, craftsmen and service providers are looking for region or keywords and contact directly or briefly describe their mission, and interested party get well calculated quotes. The contracting authority awards the order by clicking on the basis of price, reviews, and qualification. After the execution of the order, customer and contractor assess each other. Of MyHammer, the details of tradesmen and service providers about their qualifications are checked before they appear online. The MY-HAMMER AG sits in Berlin and has 50 employees. More details at. Press contact: MY-HAMMER Corporation corporate communications Niels Genzmer Wall Street 79 10117 Berlin Tel. (030) 2 33 22-809 fax (030) 2 33 22 -. 899 E-Mail: