New Promotional

People need to know – why would they go somewhere, and that they gain from this visit. The first and main reason is the answer to the question – "What's New." Customers want to know more about the various new products, advanced technologies and latest developments, or something that allow them to save time or money. Even if you are not a new product or service, think about how to present the product in the "new world" and create an effective message. 5. Ineffective promotional products.

Dispensing promotional material – it is a call, to urge the visitor to stop at your booth. Promotional design should be interesting and memorable. At the same time he has successfully advertise your products and increase recognition of the company. Creating such a design requires a custom and creative approach. To solve this problem, consider "What does your target audience?" "That can help them do their job better?", "Can Do you offer them something which is not in competition? "," What can they learn the new? ". Think of several types of gifts for different types of visitors. Be sure to include information about what your site they can get detailed information about your product. Promotional products can serve as a kind of gift to visitors, attracting them to the presentation of your product, or thank you for your interest.

6. Poorly trained staff promotions. Enormous amount of time, effort and money spent on organizing participation in the exhibition – design and construction of the stand, the development of promotional products and handouts, advertising, etc. Unprofessional approach of the promotional staff can lead to a negative image of your company in the eyes of visitors. Staff – this is your special envoys. They realize all that for which you participate. Hold a special training and give them detailed instructions. You must be sure that they know: "Why are you taking part in the exhibition?", "What is the product presents them, and what you expect from them?" This will give them an understanding of the needs of visitors and they will sell your product, rather than mindlessly talk about it, wasting valuable time with empty talk initially uninterested buyers. Training for staff is critical to the holistic and professional perception of your company. 7. The absence of a plan for each stage. The key to the success of participation in the exhibition lies in the precise implementation plan. Best of all, develop a coherent plan for each stage before the show. Ask a temporal criterion, the expected result of each stage and a way to track its results. The presence of such a plan defines the regularity of action, makes it possible to keep under the control of small parts and eliminates the possibility of serious omissions.