Neu Ulm Estate

Elephant village in Neu-Ulm as a prime example of award-winning renovation of district Neu-Ulm, July 30, 2009 of the dynamic real estate and financial services Monarchis Grundbesitz company mbH has currently existing real estate with around 600 residential units in Germany. The real estate purchased often by communities or from forced exploitation be cleaned up mostly in energetic terms. The company is geared also to successful role models. A settlement with 372 apartments built in 1952 in the Bavarian Danube town Neu-Ulm for war returnees and refugees from the Federal was bought in 1993 by the company of the city of Neu-Ulm GmbH NUWOG. The 30,000-square-foot elephant settlement was urgently in need of renovation to be named two concrete elephant sculptures. In 2002 began the gradual renovation, which was completed in late 2007. In the planning and implementation of the project, it was necessary to take into account a whole range of individual circumstances and to reach ambitious goals.

The social structure of the tenants with about 50 percent of Turkish-born migrant workers families and people with low incomes should be obtained. And above all the quality of living in houses and apartments, as well as in the environment should be sustainably increased. To permanently improve the image of the settlement, tenants were largely involved in the planning. To identify the tenants now even more with the quarter and characterise the positive appearance. An important cornerstone was the set of a cost limit value of 500 euros gross per square metre of living space for the remedial measures. With 508 euro this was maintained almost exactly through all stages of construction. This cost corset was the basis of a rent amounting to less than four euros per square meter before the renovation, not to exceed a price of 4.90 euros after the renovation.

The higher price is largely levelled by the lowering of heating costs. In addition to thermal insulation measures in roof and cellar as well as partial barrel Aden insulation electrical, baths, sanitary facilities, the House – have been and renewed the apartment doors. Also the complete landscaping the settlement with communication and rest areas, waste – and bicycle shelters, individually by ago garden arranged to the tenant, and much more. This very successfully renovated and a commendation of the German city construction Prize 2008 awarded object has many similarities to Monarchis real estate. Reason enough for the Neu Ulm real estate specialists, close to look at the finished elephants settlement as an example for a successful renovation object. Special interest sparked the heat supported woodchip heating system. The annual heat demand of the settlement is approximately 2.4 million kWh. Of them, 85 percent are supplied with each 400 kW thermal power two biomass boilers. Any tips are served by district heating. In winter the wood chips silo full 90 cubic metres will be filled once or twice a week. The new heating system annually avoids the emission of approximately 490 tons of climate-damaging CO2. In Combined with the previously mentioned measures reduced the energy requirements of the settlement by about 50 percent. The highly interesting guided tour of the settlement of elephants for the Monarchis team was carried out by the Lord Mayor of the city of Neu-Ulm, Gerold Noerenberg, together with NUWOG Managing Director Helmut Mildner, Heinrich Mangold of the Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm SWU and NPS Director Robert Scholz, who had held the entire project management of renovation.