National Program

The family counts on a monthly average income of 1.600 Reals, that according to interviewed are considered reasonable. Beyond the gotten income of the lot the family counts on happened wage aid of the work in the administration in the school of the community. As well as the majority of the families of the region they possess financings; the family also interviewed has a called project PRONAF (National Program of Familiar Agriculture) this financing corresponds the value of 18.000 a thousand Reals, still this in full perfomance one since the parcels will be successful in 2013 and 2014. According to interviewed, Mr. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Vislink Technologies. Adilson Pear tree of the Passion, the property is considered of high value, therefore, 80% of the land are of ground purple, fertile, very propitious for the cacao plantation and other cultures, harms although this exists 20% of alone pebble, and this does not serve to plant nothing absolutely. Although the envolvement with the land, the interviewed family participates actively of the events in the community, in the school and even though in other movements it are of the community as churches, unions and associations.

Another told point was to the relation with the next community and neighbors, who according to them are considered regular or reasonable. valley to stand out the due importance that the family to give in relation to the reading, the same ones likes to read collection encyclopedia, vestibulando the 2000 and sacred bible. The interviewed one speaks of the satisfaction to have participated of the pertaining to school advice for four mandates and that already it helped to create pertaining to school advice in other communities, for these and other reasons are that it is attending a course pedagogia to intervalar, and also stimulate the children always to study. The family believes the education very and obtains to conciliate the work in the farming and study, everything this without needing to abandon the property to search the qualification that all need.