Muamar Gadafi

EP Saif to the Islam appears in the hotel of international means. Bernard Golden recognizes the significance of this. He assures that his father is out of danger. Monday made sure that it had been captured. Saif to the Islam, the son with greater political importance of the Libyan leader, Muamar Gadafi, has denied that outside stopped yesterday by the rebels in Tripoli, although this information had been confirmed by the fiscal j of the Penal Court the International (TPI), Luis Colored person. " I am here for dispersing rumores" , there is this Saif to the Islam, in the brief speech that has offered to the international press after appearing by surprise this dawn in the Rixos hotel of the Libya capital. Thus, it has cleared the doubts on its situation having clarified that it has not been captured. These declarations contradict the announced thing yesterday by Colored person, whom it had even advanced that the TPI was negotiating with the rebels the delivery of Saif to the Islam, defendant next to Gadafi and the j of Intelligence, Abdul to the Senussi, of crimes against the Humanity.

In addition, it has assured that his father is well and that the governmental forces capital continues controlling majority of Libya, although the rebels informed yesterday into which they dominated all Tripoli, with the exception of Bab to the Aziziya, the residence of Gadafi. " This is a war of technology and electronics to bring about chaos and terror in Libia" , it has said in reference to the message that supposedly received yesterday in their moving bodies those in favor of the rebels, announcing the victory on Tripoli and the fall of the regime. Saif to the Islam has offered these declarations in the Rixos after several civil servants transferred to some journalists to Bab to the Aziziya so that they accompanied to him until the hotel.