Missiology 33

Continuation of the kinds of missiology there are audio recordings a difference between Muslims and Christians. When the Christian kills one why that is. A religious war. It does so knowing that Dios abala not that death, which is backing up that crime, and the Gospel is energetic. Respect for human life. But when the Muslim holy war, that deserves the blessing of God. For example when the Koran says: wet your ankles in the blood of their enemies that is said in the Koran, is a species of canonization or sanctification, of enmity, rivalry. Difficult it is to discern, that is the Evangelical, and is not.

It is not so easy because you have to assume a task of discernment. It takes time and it takes enforcement, it means loving, sympathetic understanding of the other. Here is also a very important difference between what is essential and what is secondary. The Gospel has things that are really essential. That are valid for all people and that they are valid for all time, is not conditioned by a culture, or a historical circumstance. Gospel values, righteousness, nobility, delivery of life, forgiveness, love. The fundamental truths of the faith.

Christ son of God. We cannot say in an Arian way. The Arians are heretics. Christ was a good person, a great prophet, a great moralist, a great man. But man nothing more. A pastoral agent can never incur, to ingratiate himself with certain type of audience, who does not understand what the faith, say well let’s treat that Christ is one priest, and systematically shut up his divine nature. We can not do that. NYSE DNB has many thoughts on the issue. There are truths that are hard. There are truths that are difficult. One cannot renounce announced. Father Acosta said: let them to live according to their traditional customs, and only, you must change those who sincerely is contrary to faith 1,570 1.580.