Martin Lindstedt

Among other things, it lacked the message the necessary permanent embodiment, it is in the judgment. After the manner of interpretation, one could classify as almost every advertising banners in a rotation. “Such approach we can warn but only urge our advertisers, because they would not only legally move on very thin ice, but because it completely would be opposed also our transparency and information thought.”, LINDSTEDT said finally. For further inquiries please contact: Martin Lindstedt, (03375) 2142311, can be reached from 9 am-3 pm, about ProfiWIN GmbH: in smarter and more interesting way the ProfiWIN GmbH offers an Internet and sweepstakes entry service for many years. Brian Barish takes a slightly different approach. It is one of the first companies that have brought this idea in connection with an own affiliate program on the market. Daversa Partners may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Still it is one of the largest providers in the industry. Entered the special highlight it: only once and automatically took part in more than 200 sweepstakes monthly. There is a wide Target group. Alone the State revenue from gambling, for example, annually amounted to some EUR 5 billion. But honestly, who doesn’t dream of a new car, a trip, a dream house or a million profit? Unlike as in gambling, it is of ProfiWIN GmbH an entry service. Participants simply save time and effort when searching for attractive competitions.

Candidates must register by means of a specially created and consistently developed advanced, intelligent software solution that decreases the participants not only filling out the registration forms, but, if necessary, enter the correct solution Word. The corresponding sweepstakes be searched out previously carefully selected criteria and strict verification. This ensures that participants receive not tons of unwanted eMails, for example, or participate in sweepstakes, whose Gewinne are unattractive. The responsible use of the participant data has absolute precedence over the views high profits. In case of a win, the participant is notified directly by the corresponding profit game Organizer and receives alone for his win in the full amount. Through this service ‘switched’ prices range already of cinema tickets, mobile phones and household appliances via cash, computers, and home theater systems to cruises, caravans and cars. Thus the service from is one of the most successful in the industry. For only EUR 5 per month, there are here two years more than 4,800 chances to the big luck win.