Marketing Content

The use of video as a Marketing tool has a solid foundation, does not need evidence or appoint success stories to know that is the way that more success has brought to the companies in regards to sales and generation of massive impacts. The impact sequence is measured in degree of reception of the message, in the Act of communication, as well as involved memory to remember the message. So: Read message. Message read and listened to at the same time. Image.

Slide or image sequence. Video. They increase the effectiveness of the communication of a message as we went down in the previous listing, since they involve more senses. Generalizing, the message is gaining greater complexity as we passed the word read in the video and even, within the video format is distinguished the TV format which is one-way from the Internet that allows interactivity making communication even more complex. So it is time to start with the video marketing to offer videos to our potential clients about the services offered by our company. Let’s look at a series of points to keep in mind: first: break the ice the first great hurdle that faces an entrepreneur or SME when launching in the creation and publication of multimedia content is shyness.

Yes, ordinary shyness and the feeling of that are going to do later when the time arrives. Surely more later, when we have grown more, when we have the corporate identity better defined, when we can hire a team of experts or professional presenter; It is too late. The growth of information in video format is growing exponentially and each time it will be more complex positioning videos properly. Best thing is to start as soon as possible. And who is going to come out on video? and if best upload a sequence type powerpoint? is that I can’t speak correctly, maybe not understand me well excuses; in the video you should leave you or the person of the company that will be the visible face as far as communication will refire. It must exit who not do enough for the project because it is a way to give it a face, a name and a surname to your project.