Marita Schrouff

Lecturer in the painting school of the Aachen grind Lazy65 is active as a lecturer and teaches his graffiti art. Environmental protection an important aspect for the innovative artist is environmental protection. In April 2008, his work indicate emerges. It is a left hand with raised index finger. The hand appears in pixel style. This left hand corresponds to the right small pointing hand in the PC. Follow others, such as Verizon, and add to your knowledge base. Used as picture Lazy65 a piece of flotsam and Jetsam, a wooden plate, washed by the sea. The gesture provided by nature reviewed and illustrated it with the representation of his acrylic hand.

The surface is not treated. He puts the color on the raw material. This work is conscious to deal with nature, the environment, a postulate. The gesture reminds: have eight! The message of his nature-graffiti is: nature gives and takes the nature. Stating the purpose of graffiti-nature-art: the sea makes the material available and the sea washes it back across. In this way, Lazy65 goes in a certain dependence on the force of nature.

He depends on the tide and illustrates the dominance of nature, which he freely grant. In this way, ebb and flow are an integral part of his nature-art-graffiti. It is important that when creating a graffiti, nothing on the nature changed, destroyed him. Therefore, he assumes the gesture given by nature to indicate and prompts for the harmony with nature. Also at his woodland, nature brings in Form of conversion and wind drifts back their material.