Manufacturing Process

As is known, the drilling process is a complex process. The success of this process depends primarily on the qualifications of professionals engaged in drilling. However, an equally important component – it is a choice drill pipe. As a rule, all drill pipe must comply with GOST R 50278-92, GOST 27834-95, TU 14-3-1571-88 and specifications API Spec 5D, API Spec 7 and recommended practices API 7G drill pipe, typically used in boreholes and extremely necessary for the transmission of rotation, lifting, lowering drilling equipment, drilling fluid supply to the face. In this article, we will not go into details of drill pipe, but I must say that they are of the following types: standard, heavy-weight, leading, universal. Type of pipe, usually determines the material of which they are made, steel grade, type of hardening, thread, etc.

Drill pipes used in drilling wells, or core without coring method with a diamond crown (drill bits) (eg, Boart Longyear, Atlas Copco, Fordia), drilling tools. If we talk about the structure, the drill pipe is a pipe connected to each other by means of drill with a special lock thread. The ends of the drill pipe thicken the outer, inner, or a combination planting. It is necessary to increase their strength. The tubes are manufactured by welding the coupling and nipple connections to the ends of locks the drill pipe. Drill pipe, as well as castles, protected from corrosion with special coatings, and in the field of welding, corrosion grease. One type of connection pipes – friction welding (used for Pipe connection with locks). Welded pipe is rotated at a time when the lock is fixed stationary on the lathe, which makes it necessary for the welding heat.

When the surface of the pipe ends became plastic, they are compressed under certain pressure. As a result, we obtain a quality weld. In any case, the process of selecting a drill pipe must be carried out by qualified personnel. Get advice on choosing the pipes desired sizes and options, as well as they can be purchased in the company of Kai Services Inc.