Managing Director

Under the motto ‘Photovoltaics to be touched’ loads Dipl.-ing. (FH) Axel Hoffmann, Managing Director of the Maifeld a solar, interested to the business offices opening in Polch. The celebrations take place in the new facilities, located centrally on the marketplace 3 Polch on Friday, the 27.02.09 from 12: 00 until 19:00 and on Saturday, the 28.02.09 from 10: 00 to 19:00. Next to a champagne reception, “our visitors expect exhibits of various solar modules, which allow a direct contact with the subject of solar power, the engineer reported. 14 kWp barn in Gierschnach sunny Outlook solar promise the high-quality photovoltaic systems of Maifeld. Not only the use of renewable energy, the conservation of the purse hit the nerve of the times. As a regional company, the main focus of the Maifeld is aimed solar on the establishment of innovative solar power systems in the region.

Sound knowledge of the local region, the particularities of geography and meteorology relating to, consequently only the conclusion, a To open Office in the heart of the Maifelds. Also as an optimal support of the customer site allows”, says Hoffmann and makes it clear that the choice of site Polch wisely chosen. Special wind and snow load zone of the Maifelds be taken into account, which are obtaining always aimed at high quality of great importance and require an appropriate competence in the planning. 19.5 kWp 2007 in roof installation in Hatzenport after of the business the Maifeld solar received popularity in the first year. To best serve prospective customers ask, the consulting team had grown steadily. The collaboration between engineers and craftsmanship workshops, as well as additional points of contact for finance and taxation, guarantee the success of the project and demonstrate the quality claim of the Managing Director. The legal promotion of solar promises a safe investment in a so-called crisis where a photovoltaic system adorns the roof. 3.6 kWp in Polch a customer from Polch aptly notes: I forward even more so now, when the Sun is shining”.