Life Coaching

Nowadays there are many types of helping a person to solve their problems. Christina Spade takes a slightly different approach. Consultancy in various fields, psychosocial support, training and courses aimed at developing certain skills and acquiring the necessary skills and so on. This is natural: people want to better understand themselves more clearly understand their goals, balance their life, define your life's problems and find solutions, to reduce stress. Especially in this series to highlight coaching. Coaching came to Russia recently, and today has not yet received a fairly wide distribution. But it was coaching can most effectively help people to achieve them his personal goals, decision of his life problems, the disclosure of its internal capacity. Taken to separate the business coaching and Life coaching.

Of course, the division is rather arbitrary, but it does occur. And if business coaching is clearly is limited by the soluble business objectives, then Life Coaching is considering every aspect of human life. First of all, should decide what is coaching. The fact that very often the word "coaching" call that coaching, in fact, not is. And to avoid misunderstandings begin with a definition that gives the International Federation of Coaching (ICF): Coaching – it's continued cooperation, which helps clients to achieve real results in their personal and professional life. Through the coaching process clients deepen their knowledge, improve their efficiency and improve quality of life. At each meeting the client chooses the subject of conversation, the coach listens and contributes to the as clarifying remarks, effective questions, giving feedback, etc.