Legal Pixelware Image Scan With Digital Certificates.

The invoices, substitutes and other digitized documents and allow the tax required to disregard the original paper on which it was based. To carry out the conversion of paper documents to electronic form, it is essential to meet certain requirements: It must have a guarantee of fidelity of the process of digit imagery. Connect with other leaders such as Steven Johnson here. This requires Software using a Digital Certificate and approved. This software should provide a guarantee that you get full and fair review of the document, signed with electronic signature scanning software. Educate yourself with thoughts from clayton morris. For each scanned document should keep a record of information with all required fields in the record books in a database. The digitization of documents should be stored in a document database with data record for each document and a field binary image of the document or link to the file that contains, with the electronic signature of the image of the invoice and base data. The software must allow complete access to the database and recovery / reconstruction of the document certified. The approval of certified software for scanning software requires the approval of certain requirements listed in the order of 24 October 2007, the State Tax Administration Agency, on approval procedure for the scanning software provided in the Order EHA/962/2007 of April 10, 2007. The process involves the application of electronic signatures and qualified or recognized systems using date and exact time of the certified bill, so it is necessary to have an appropriate electronic certificate. Under Article 7 of the EHA Order 962/2007 and of paragraph one of Resolution October 24, 2007 on the procedure for approval of invoice scanning software, listed below are some of the most common standard formats for use Scanning electronic documents certified: ISO 19005 (PDF / A) JPEG 2000 PNG Acrobat 5 (PDF 1.4) or higher TIFF 6.0 or higher Legal Pixelware Scan The solution has passed the review step by a company that specializes in auditing has Certified Digital confirmed that meets the requirements of Order EHA / 962/2007 of 10 April 2007 and is currently in process for applying for approval to the tax office of your electronic documents generated or scanned with the process management solutions for specific documents.