Therefore, if you are sufficiently trained to his husky on a blood trail and we are confident in its work, necessarily show on the tests. Diploma in blood trace for Laika is very important and honorable. It should be borne in mind that the dogs received a diploma for working ability has several advantages over other dogs, it can be be in the hunting grounds and hunt during all hunting seasons. Only need to remember that in the spring and summer, you can not keep an experienced husky off the leash in lands rich with game, as it may harm the hunting fauna. flexinvest wounded game should be done with the husky running on a leash. Tests on a blood trail dogs are held in the woods on chernotropu for the following three-hour limitation on competition of nine to twelve hours old.

On testing time of one dog is determined by the expert committee. At the competition – not more than 30 minutes. If the dog is within 2 minutes of no interest and no trace of blood is on it, then removed from the test. The dog is removed from the Test if the animal vomits found no impact to vote. A dog can search both free and on a leash.

Before the test begins, a dog owner must notify the expert way in which the dog makes a report on found the beast: the voice alerts or working with the announcement. When working on a leash report is not required. Before the test begins, the dog is tested for performance of the leading teams on pozyvistost and walking with their feet. On tests working dog on a blood trail is considered for the following work elements: instinct, search, report, related to the found animal and obedience. To ensure that your Husky has received the diploma of the highest degree (1st), it is necessary that finding it was a deliberate step with his head down, just repeating all the turns, following the blood trail, not being distracted by the odors came out confidently to the lying beast. The dog must notify the continuous barking you have the found the beast, while it alone. All teams must be submitted by you to perform willingly and well. Here's everything you need to know when preparing your husky for the tests on a blood trail. I sincerely wish all the "right hunters "(correct hunter – a hunter applies for hunting high-pedigree huskies working not only on the hoof and fur animals, but also, importantly, on a blood trail, good luck on the hunt.