Knowledge And Management

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT AND SHARING Carlos Mora Vanegas Not all have been identified which is able to share because it involves some virtues have grown as the support, kindness, know to give. Unfortunately there are not many managers who constantly practice self-knowledge that will encourage their growth not know which is the scope, impact generating knowledge sharing, which are anchored in personal selfishness manifest. Not valuing the gains that could be obtained by practice sharing. Not surprisingly, it appears, that sharing costs nothing but can help raise our level of personal satisfaction and the people with whom we deal every day and we also realize that by sharing what we have but that does not subtract Instead we add it at the end we always have more than we thought, not only by what we get in return, but also because the more we discover that we have inside to share. Indeed, to the extent that we identify with the shared, especially in the role of management, case in point in this paper, the benefits would be wonderful favoring not only the organization, an institution where she works, but anything that allows members of the organization bring new ideas, opinions, giving way to creativity, to their personal growth. About this gives us Holism Helios Center, that if we stand at present connected with that inner source we all have, and chose to let flow all the time that we wish to express a big step that will allow us to be much more effective share when we add is that since humans found how nice it is shared with their peers have felt motivated to go on in an exercise of free will by which is able to freely choose who to give it best of himself.