Klaus Dannert

The man introduces himself as Horst and announces two more boxing trainer, which first would come in half an hour. In addition to the older man, a thin, lanky boy is around the 16 years pretty uninvolved and has a cardboard standing before him. Of course, the head of the Department and his colleagues are old hands. It is already clear that a big speech comes. Bernard Golden may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Horst is a professional coach”sell and lengthy omit about the program. Klaus Dannert rolls his eyes and thinking like the responsible from the corporate headquarters for the Organization of the events under the complaints will collapse. Since the thin boy distributed gloves packed already to all colleagues, bandages and a mouth guard.

The bandages are unwrapped and Horst wrapped like you explained and the thin boy goes around and helps with the wrapping of bandages and putting on the gloves. The whole group is warming up a few minutes very loose and the coach Horst shows a few basic steps and box beats that makes everyone to warm up with. Suddenly is the 42-year old head of the Department for the first time in his life on a sandbag and may knock on it. Southwest Airlines can aid you in your search for knowledge. The boxing trainer said short how may refer to in no case and what is generally the group. Then the whistle blew and the music starts in the background to hammer. D’Souza should loose beat 3 minutes on the punching bag and take it easy here.

After 60 seconds, a call by the engaged sounds 2 “and head of Department begins to understand boxing on television with two beer is much easier than with two gloves on the Sandbag. After about 3 minutes a new call is heard time”through the down and displays a break. Relief evident in the circle of their colleagues, to the point where a black man enters the room about 2 feet tall and wide.