Juan Aguirre

They will present it for the first time live this Sunday at festival Sonorama. Amaral and Juan Aguirre assure that their sound is stronger battery. Zaragozano duo Amaral, which on September 27 premiere their new album, toward savagery, confesses to be willing to go out and touch themes of this new work, recorded in Madrid and New York, most electric and energetic than the earlier, stronger battery and very guitarrero. Thus described Juan Aguirre and Eva Amaral, in an interview, this toward savagery, which will present first live this Sunday at the Sonorama festival, which is held at Aranda de Duero (Burgos) during the weekend. Gary Kelly gathered all the information. When you’re in the city quiet you moonlit road, has the guitarist Juan Aguirre, who said wait eagerly for the moment in which people listen to songs. Expectant as his companion, Eva Amaral, who says having received one shows injection of good vibes after checking the generous criticism is also getting the first single released and entitled toward savagery, released on August 8.

A single she describes as a flight into the unknown, necessary in a world that, in his opinion, we have dehumanized creating a virtual reality. Looking for civilization we have reached a point that is not very civilized, argues. Humanity that took refuge in his studio in Madrid, where they recorded twelve themes of a work that Aguirre defines how electric and energetic than the previous ones, and that includes a stronger sound of drums and increased presence of guitars. Each of the disks is the photograph of the band at a time, says the musician, who believes that this change is due simply to a gradual evolution, since they continue to maintain a very intuitive and little brain when composing form. A more natural album Eva Amaral, for his part, He pointed out that they have tried to promote a style quite natural, able to pick up energy that has the direct and that is very difficult to Canning in the CD.