Job Recruitment

Not in the "subject" letter sent by e-mail in the message body. Summary keep the letter – is removed. You can also specify your wishes for the future of short job and salary level. Quote: Specialties, which claim to: Chief, loader, other work does not require skill … 3. Summary of how to rewrite the job description.

Dry standard listing duties and responsibilities from past jobs, you lose your uniqueness and positioning. Recruiters already know what it looks like job description for the position. Learn more at: Ripple. And they know that you know too. Your resume should highlight your accomplishments, important for this position. Show what you've really achieved what was the progress and results that you done deal. For example, it is clear that the duties of an accountant is "bookkeeping" and "submission of tax reports." We have thousands of resumes with phrases like … And that's what you do best? What were the your work for your company? Even an accountant can be the results.

Think about what? 4. Inaccurate chronology of employment history or its absence. Missing dates, especially for a long time, very alarming. Sloppy handling of dates in the summary: – takes away precious time you and the recruiter for further details – shows your carelessness – worries and confuses potential employers. In almost half a summary chronology raises questions: the date of "come on" to each other, formed the "black hole" … Some of the signs, such as "2003 – 2004 GG" could mean that: a) You have worked at the company for 1-2 months ( From December 2003 to January 2004), b) almost 2 years …