Due to scarce literature, the present study it had porobjetivo to carry through a referring bibliographical revision to the Jealousy, especificamenteo Pathological Jealousy, and its relation with Transtorno Obsessivo Compulsivo (TOC). Aiming at this objective, doTranstorno was made a decomposition of the Compulsory sintomatologia Obsessive and of the Pathological Jealousy in order to verify seseus nuclear symptoms they are common, being the Pathological Jealousy only prevalent umamanifestao in the Compulsory Obsessive Upheaval, that is, one formed proper TOC, or if its sintomatologia isolates in an entity nosolgicaautocrata. Jealousy In mythology Greek, the jealousy appears in the history of the DeusHera that when killing the loving ones (mortal) of Zeus revealed its jealousy pelomedo to lose the power. Another manifestation of such feeling appears nahistria of Mediates, that for cimes it kills the husband, loving and the involuntariamenteseus children. According to Colored person (2004) ' ' since its birth, Hrcules, that was half the holy ghost and human half, was pursued by the jealousy deHera, Mrs. of the Olmpo, that it saw in that one boy plus a hateful person evidences dastraies of Zeus' '. He is also known as the syndrome of Otelo, one of principaisobras of the English writer William Shakespeare, published in 1604. Histriaconta the tragedy of brave ' ' Mouro de Veneza' ' Otelo, veteran deterrveis battles and military representative of the kingdom of Venice.

Married with abela Desdmona, Otelo yields intrigues to them of its Iago subordinate and, possessed person decime, kills its wife. When discovering the deceit, Otelo commits suicide. It is clebrea phrase of Shakespeare that says: ' ' the jalousie ones do not need reason to parater jealousy. They are jalousie because they are. The jealousy is a monster that itself exactly segera and of itself exactly nasce' '. Next to the Brazilian reality we can verify ocime in the workmanship of Axe of Assis (1899), Dom Casmurro, at the moment in queBentinho, the protagonist of history feels jealousy of its Capitu wife to acharque is traindo it to it.