Jasmin Hasslinger

The “Early childhood education activity booklet experience fears are fears” deals with the topic of emotional and social development. The focus is on the fear development and management. The activity booklet is divided into four areas: various feelings let us meet (1 to 4.) It goes to the fundamental act of perceiving and recognizing feelings as an expression of inner experience mood States. Different emotions are met. Suggestion for in-depth exploration of feelings (5 to 7.) We are our feelings, we can also learn to have feelings. How are they and how can we deal with them? The experience of feelings is deepened and first suggestions are given, to find the distance to one’s inner feelings.

Games/proposals, which there are fears help (8 to 20.) In common experience rooms/game situations anxiety are initiated or remembered and made an access to them. Due to the increased handling and coping with the feelings will strengthen confidence. Games/proposals that encourage (21 to 25.) The games or experience arrangements invite you to entrances, which encourage or give you courage. The concept is aimed at all adults to accompany children after three years: educator /-inside, day mothers and fathers, teachers/educators. The children as active learners with their wealth of experience, which is expanding and on which they will build a lifetime are in the focus. Basis for the successful implementation of the activities is a good pre-and post-processing. Also during the implementation, look how the children react.

Respond flexibly, without losing the thread of this and sight of your goals. They reflect the activities in the Terminal, so you can customize their levels of development in future even more special on the needs of the children enter and offers. That fear belongs to the people and makes only human people, is in all those fairy tales words, where one pulls out to learn fear. The fairytale is always about something, that threatens the progress of life usually represented in the initial situation of the fairy tale, and it shows what development way out of this problem out – and leads into a new life situation. We all know that this path of development each even detours, involves dangers can result failure in itself. This are awesome – now translated – threaten just the children entrusted to us on their development paths, like the heroes in fairy tales. Consider the heroes in fairy tales as a model figure, holding out a problem situation by his behavior and the way. breaks, which is necessary to solve the problem and to cope with his fear. “We wish all education people and children accompanied by you deep heart connection in the coping with the child’s fears, that they have the courage to be guides for the overcoming of the seemingly insurmountable mountains of fear, their” children feel. Joachim Crossbow, Jasmin Hasslinger fears experience fears there are activities to the fear management education publishing one January 2012 price: 9.90 euro ISBN: 978-3-427-50536-5 Joachim Armbrust practice for psychotherapy, couples therapy, supervision, coaching, mediation, and process design Wall Street 2 74523 Schwabisch Hall Tel: 0791/71552 E-MAL: URL: