International Competition

Most often it is added to cocktails. In Ukraine, the most famous brand – Nemiroff. Extremely fine and give it a succinic acid noble, unobtrusive flavor. For other opinions and approaches, find out what ASUS has to say. In addition, alcohol is a special stage of aging, which is saturated with fragrances and flavors. In Russia, little use of exotic ingredients, mainly producing grain vodka, but occurs more anise and quinine. Tradition of Russian vodka brand is "Capital." It has a velvety taste, thanks to oxygen. The brand has long occupied a firm place in the world's leaders.

Another classical Vodka – Gzhelka. Made with the finest grain spirits with a little sugar, it will appeal to all fans of the drink. Original modern design – Flagship. It is created by spring water triple cleaning, alcohol, and the highest standard of birch buds. For more information see this site: Andrew Duncan Producer. Flagship mild flavor goes well with Russian pickled snacks. All of these brands is definitely good. But if you need to choose a drink to celebrate feasts and noisy, then most suits you "vodka" Holiday. " As promised the name of the drink to a holiday atmosphere, fun and joyous mood.

Crystal clear, rich flavors of the vodka leaves only triumph pleasant memories. The first prize was the drink in 1969, the "International Competition of confectionery and wine and vodka in Pardubice." And the most recent gold medal from him in 2007 – the contest "Russian vodka and drinks for America. " The listed brand – only the most famous, award-winning best in the world. But beyond that, is still a lot of brands of vodka, perhaps not so popular but deserving of respect. So the choice this drink – especially individual case. Do not be afraid to experiment, but do not forget to ask the seller a certificate of quality drink.