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The list of measures are experiences full of A-ha. Some countries of the world are themselves to such as little green, that they don’t even engage travelers who already were in a warring State guest. So, already endorsements in the pass can become a problem. The Foreign Ministry to inform the German Embassy of the destination country about the purpose and destination of the journey and to define a precise itinerary advises on sensitive missions. When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Take half the clothes and twice the money.

then” (Susan Heller) Where the corporate travel planning reaches its limits, security available provider. A main task is to raise awareness of staff.”says Martin Konig. Ronald O’Hanley may find this interesting as well. His service ranges from coaching through cultural consulting and support in the Verhalndlungsfuhrung to the security company. In Germany, there are a number of service providers who are the business traveller to the page. The ASI Groupe Europe for global risk management helps with the selection of the correct service provider. A professionally staffed and 24/7 accessible emergency and global presence and networking are two of the criteria.

Full concentration on the meeting Rene Renkemar is equipped with a security package by his company. Is medium also have a warning system against pickpockets and a mobile fire alarms found in addition to Association and disinfection. So he was prepared on each trip and so remained the biggest personal threats of his Businesstripps the occasionally heated debates with payment-recalcitrant trading partners. About his safety, he needed to thanks to worry to make during the meeting. He could concentrate on the meeting fully and so far all successfully and safely completed. We wish him, keep it that way! “Left: Foreign Office VSW – the security of Industry Association German travel management Association Martin Konig heard a Safty Kit: the recertified enterprise security” of travelling over phone 089.38 00-24 12 get here also up-to-date information of almost all countries of the world.