Immune Protection

This leads to a decrease in immune protection. When receiving a raw food leukocytosis does not happen. In some cases, an exception to the supply of animal protein and cooked food allergy cures better than any medicine. Polusyroedenie is a transition to a raw food diet pitaniets. It includes the consumption of raw and steamed vegetable and dairy products, which can be combined and used as follows: Morning and evening – raw food, noon – cooked dinner. Morning and evening – cooked food, noon – raw meal.

Either at the time of each meal is eaten raw write first dish, and then boiled. Fruits and nuts are recommended before the main meal, and after it. Between the raw food diet can limit ourselves to two methods of write from 9 to II h and from 15 to 17 hours, and morning and evening, eat only liquids: water, with fruit and berry juices, vat of herbs, leaves, roots, flowers, etc. Raw food perfectly cleanses, heals and rejuvenates the body. With the transition to raw food diet to normal body weight, there are ease of movement, clarity of mind and a cheerful attitude * tion, chronic disease disappear. People such as Clayton Morris would likely agree. Pulse rate drops from 60-70 beats / min to 40 or less. out. If the mass of the body corresponded to the formula of "growth in centimeters minus 100", then very soon it becomes equal to the "growth in centimeters minus 108-110." Holding your breath as you exhale increases 40-60 s to 3-4 min.

Eating raw vegetables and fruits that contain natural antioxidant-sidanty, slows the aging of the genetic apparatus of cells. In emergency situations (serious illness, poisoned, * a large number of poisons and Shpakov in the body, obesity) should stay on raw Pichet at least 1-2 months. During this period, there will be an amazing body changes. In the future stick to the regime "polusyroedeniya" will be much easier Such food will allow people to regain health and maintain it for a long time at high level. When raw food is necessary to monitor the purity of preparations write, use crushed products, to comply with moderation in the diet. Contraindications to the raw food diet: acute and chronic colitis (inflammation of the colon), enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine) ulcer Bole zn gastric and duodenal ulcer, gastritis decreased acidity.