Hurrelmann Joachim Armbrust

This they need curricular spaces, situations and events, suggestions and selectable learning opportunities, to make this and it. The specific feature of human learning is the significance of the to learners for the people themselves. He wants to know the meaning of the content and understand, either, that he discovered him automatically (i.e. construction of experiences, self-awareness), unless he is understanding recreates the sense the others have given the content (i.e., reconstruction of experiences other, acquisition of foreign experiences), unless that he modified his knowledge and settings at the instigation of situations or people (i.e. Deconstructing their own experiences). Man learns either sense detecting or meaningful receptive. “Man must today take education as a deliberate form of self-education and take full responsibility, even if he a mentor or modern said, an instructor ‘ or a learning companion” has on the side.

He must help to formulate, introduce what form of learning areas he needs right now and this will also help shape or with utmost intention into prepared learning spaces. From my point of view, it is imperative that school, school management, teachers colleges, (social) educators, parents and students agree on the new quality of learning required, prepared at the request of lifelong learning and of future-oriented creative dealing with knowledge, and they must agree together on their new roles and responsibilities in this redefined learning arrangement. In addition to the assurance of basic knowledge and knowledge about a mandatory education Canon, which results from the point of view of today’s picture of the world and today’s values, must an equal footing are the ability to model future reality and methodically competent, independent building of architectural patterns for science, society and life contexts. Joachim Armbrust, diploma social educator and heilkundlicher psychotherapist in private practice in Schwabisch Hall. Indepth dispute allows the book to be written by the aforementioned author teenagers accompany what educators need to know”appeared in the publishing house Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht, in March 2011 Joachim Armbrust teenagers accompany what educators know should Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Marz 2011 approx. 144 pages 12.