I miss waking up… Was in the morning when I woke up, to get out of the bed note that there was fog still in the surroundings of the House, does not bother me to see clock was early lower to the ground floor to make coffee, I turned the radio in the usual manner, but the only thing heard was interference, which was weird because I was not moving the dial of my favorite stationI began to move the dial and nothing, there was nothing rather than static, I thought that the radio has had spoiled .what turn grip my cup of coffee, and I headed towards the TV but there was no sign either, there was interference – thats weird I thought already a bit worried – gripping the phone, and there was no tone – I entered an anguish in chest-…He spent went toward the front of my house, there were people on the street and there saw him. In the sky, a cylindrical shape as a metal tobacco was vertical, was a polished metal, relucioente – grasp me the breast with my right hand – listen to one of my neighbors shout:-there are already TV signal! I ran toward the inside of the House and I turned the TV set, the object was in the, journalists spoke of that was from another planet!, that had appeared this morning to dissipate the fog, there was no signal of any kind since the morning in which the object came, until not long ago but they had recorded on video tape, and viewers sent ribbons also, and began to pass recordings made by home camera. Try to talk with my family – but that could tell you – we were all stunned, speechless that was that?, that was going to happen? -had the single heart in throat could was embracing them – try to act as you normally would I went to bathe and change clothes, I put on my jeans and a shirt, I was surprised how slow that I did all were glued to the television waiting for news, or If had moved something continuous. Original author and source of the article.