Horst Kohler

The citizens of the Nations be scourged by their addiction to more and power and flayed. The whole world and the planet itself in its nature and abundance is affected. They pollute the air and the oceans of the world, they will stop at nothing. You have handcuffed us all and mass in depression gagged. Every penny have it that was somehow loosely to make and written on their balances. The rest is empty. The State administrations have proved compliant and with your so-called homework and has eagerly fed the wealth of the powerful and that goes on constantly. It is likely no end and thus ultimately the fate of nature and that of the planet through climate change and an ever-worsening environmental pollution are sealed.

You make the world’s oceans into their money frenzy oil puddles and Atomic alkali. They are invisible and thus not vulnerable made and let politicians do their dirty work, as the tax collector of the monarchs of the middle ages. They divide people into left and right, above and below and in poor and rich, and rushing them off each other. The best climate to do dirty business in the background. Peace and calm their enemy is and which will be fought and so war is. War creates chaos and clouded the truths and realities. Horst Kohler, the last President of the Federal Republic of Germany, this invisible, unnamable, greedy thing called a monster and all of us know that this monster is also ready with allow weapons to defend his power. Quote: With this foreign trade orientation and thereby also foreign trade dependency also need to know that in case of doubt, in case of an emergency, also military action is necessary to protect our interests. It also comes to prevent whole regional instabilities, which ultimately reduced the chances of Germany to safeguard jobs and income through trading.