Highquality Tent Systems

Construction and additional advertising space is easier mobile tent systems diverse tent systems are the ideal companion for every event. In doing so they can far more than just rain to protect. With the generous presentation area, the advertising space will be optimally extended and done a complete adaptation to the brand message. Whether classical system of slidable lattice grate or innovative inflatable tent, the range of tent systems for the coming Outdoorsaison is diverse. While all systems feature a uncomplicated structure, even for large systems of several square meters.

The simple system of slidable lattice grate can be the simple pull mechanism within a very short time. The innovative construction technique using air filling is this even faster. Through her tent systems can be used, and inflated to 6x6m quickly without tools and ready for use over several days without refill air. For individual structures helps the classic plug-in system, which the Allows for integration of different modular elements at any desired point. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT offers a wide range of innovative and flexible tent systems. Starting with the classic A.tent.O promotional tent over the aerodynamic X-GLOO tents until down to the individual Octanorm event series tents. So, the right tent system can be selected for every occasion.

Depending on the system both in a practical carrying case, a trolley or even a backpack can be transported. Each of the systems can easily but are transported in the car and thus short term used for the most diverse occasions. But the tents can be used not only in the outdoor area, also in the Interior they are real eye-catchers. So, all measuring systems with them can be designed and in contrast to the classic exhibition stands offer maximum mobility and flexibility. By all-over advertising putting each of the tent systems can offer a huge advertising space are printed individually can. So, the tent system can completely be matched on the brand message and promote a high recognition value. With the appropriate outdoorfahigen mobile presentation systems, you can create a complete mobile outdoor booth from every tent system. Counter, flag system or folding, the accessories options are numerous. Due to the high flexibility of the individual components, the right equipment can be put together and always again flexibly combined for each appearance. In particular the tents of the Octanorm event series can attach through the famous Octanormprofile directly to the system banner and brochure racks. Due to the different sizes of tent systems can both up down to the 600 x 600 cm systems be used for smaller areas from 230 x 230 cm. Learn more about the tent systems, see and tent systems