Healthy Aging

Demographic change compels us to think intensively about the consequences of aging and to ways to look at the age healthy stay the year of science demographic chance 2013. Under the motto we live longer. We will be less. We are diverse.” Are the challenges divided into three areas and addressed. “As a highlight of the year of science is one of the exhibition future live: the demographic opportunity”.Solutions from science and research to help the active shaping of demographic change. Of course, an essential need of elderly people’s health. How can you get healthy aging? The life expectancy of people in the OECD member countries (Organisation for economic cooperation and development) to no less than 11 years of life has grown since the 1960s. Downer at the thing: 60 percent of over 65 year olds have at least 3 (!) chronic diseases.

Therefore, the question arises right after the healthy aging process. It seem to be two factors crucial to the well-being of older people. Autonomy and self-determination. Healthy ageing is much more than just a medical question explains Wolfgang von Renteln-Kruse (Hamburg age physician). “As regards the preservation of independence and self-determination, he reassured: the good news is: these factors be influenced.” A healthy aging process was even planned in parts”. How to get the doctors to this conclusion and what are the individual from this description for his own retirement planning can pull out? Researchers the health body reserves refer to the urgency, through advice and support, expand psyche and perception and maintain. Also due to the knowledge of these circumstances the Federal Ministry for education and research promotes a nationwide research since 2007 health in old age”. The US-funded projects allow a more targeted advice and help, used to identify health risks and to prevent them better,”said Federal Research Minister Johanna Wanka.

A further finding of researchers is the need to take into account the typical differences of the sexes in health promotion at the age better. Better than responding to emerging diseases, it’s natural to go in advance. Prevention is the be-all and end-all, if you would like to stay as long as possible mobile and mentally fit in the age. These steps are important as part of a prevention: stress avoid the International Labour Organization reported that in Western industrial countries now more than 70 percent of all cases either directly or indirectly but due to stress. Who wants to stay healthy so long, should avoid stress. Enough sleep sleep is one of the most important regenerative processes of the human body. Now, U.S. researchers have found in a new study that the brain in the sleep of toxins is free. Regular exercise who physically has operated after a stressful day notes that the stress is removed. Three to four times in the You should move at least 30 to 40 minutes weekly. As the Munich ForschungsverbundKORA-age, the ability to make social contacts and to maintain a decisive factor for when the old are well-being is social contacts. The post “Demographic change compels us to think intensively about the consequences of aging and for ways to seek to stay healthy in the age” serves as a reference for that in the present press release used figures, data and facts. His first publication found that article immediately prior to publication of this press release. He can be found on the blog of “Health portal”.