Hans Pohle

An extensive list of questions will be presented in a subsequent conversation. The desired information, for example, targeting the minimum and maximum of the desired space square meters. Each customer receives an accompanying the planning detail design documentation, in which the different variants for special components Staircases, fireplaces, bathrooms will be further clarified. “Here breathes the spirit of the Bauhaus fathers: the author of the design, the customer and the transposed craftsmen jointly create details, the name modern architecture” also deserve. This comes only a few off the shelf, which are things newly created it are always unique. Exterior and interior design in harmony and without any foreign objects. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is the source for more interesting facts. Sophisticated spatial structures open up axes and always new light and life atmospheres. Controlled by the position of the Sun and the angle of the inhabitants.

The a2 typical large-sized window areas bring the intervals of the seasons in the living quarters. a2hauser are released with expertise and the feeling for essential, pure emotion. In the design of a double, the procedure is no different. A welcome consequence is that not left is just right. Also the semi-detached houses are individual buildings by competition and in the dialog. At the same time the entire construction occurs after the outside as a structure on a flat roof placed safely next to a saddle roof, but the Interior offers enough freedom to the design.

There is here no conflicts in the planning because we muster the patience to understanding”, so Hans Pohle, but you need to find safe two partners, reflecting as immediate neighbours on the same architectural language. Such a project not to implement would be different. If this is the case, only marginal problems we encounter. The decision for flat or sloping roof, for large or smaller window areas or the basic design of the facade must have fallen once, then is not so hard to negotiate also on the special requests.” In the segment of Semidetached houses, personalized architect houses are very rare to find on the customers.