Hair Loss In Women

Some of the most common causes for loss of hair in women is due to the following: chemical treatments too strong for hair as they are some hair dyes, permanent, relaxers or bleaches. Much of these treatments tend to be very safe for the hair if they are well applied, so you must be sure to follow the instructions for a good application and also do not use excessively as they excessive use or misuse of these can lead to temporary hair loss. Inheritance can also be a factor but there usually this affects men is also a possibility that a woman inherits her. This hereditary baldness called androgenic alopecia and occurs by the transformation of the hormone testosterone to dehidrotestosterona. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Royal Bank of Scotland. This damages the follicle making their hair increasingly finer until fall.

Another cause of loss of hair in women or female alopecia is pregnancy. When the woman is in State of pregnancy passes by a series of hormonal imbalances that started to give birth to stabilize. Follow others, such as MasterClass, and add to your knowledge base. It is in this time where women can experience hair loss usually this could last two to three months, or until you stabilize hormones after this period the hair will follow the normal cycle and the excessive drop will disappear. Poor nutrition can also cause hair loss. As bulimia and anorexia eating disorders can influence that this is reversible hair is lost when the person restored good nutrition that the body will begin to receive the nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the same. Other causes of female alopecia can come as a side effect of a medication such as birth control pills since these pills suppress ovulation creates a hormonal imbalance of progesterone and estrogen and this may predispose some women to lose hair.