Haber Updates

And the faster the grayed-spam resource turns into an ordinary trash. These sites are certainly fast-swelling on the influx of new content and take sickles number of articles posted. Some time ago it was frequent updates on the arm multiplied article directories. But it seems that the importance of this factor is decreased, for fresh and quality – not synonyms, when it comes to content. It is clear that spam would always furnish the frequency of updates on any blog, located on the "manual" control. By the same author: David Barger . But beneath the blow hit and quite decent resources where there is no pustozvuchnoe moderation, a community of fanatical followers voluntarily fighting the spammers, and a fairly high standard of quality placement papers. Among the most serious losses suffered by traffic was a young and rapidly developing resource Hubpages. Being by the user for more than three years, I've witnessed a sharp drop in traffic from Google.

The phenomenon has affected many Haber, as is all akkauntny character. In my case, a decrease in traffic exceeded thirty per cent, other users have reported that forty percent or more. It is clear that the reason for one – flight of articles from the issue of Google's (the main supplier of traffic with high conversion), moving to lower position. On this subject there are many speculations. For example, it is suggested that Google seeks to bring to the first page of issue stores that buy his advertising Adwords. While critics say that this is stupid – why shopping to buy advertising, if they so on the first page? In connection with updates representative Hugpages Paul Edmondson issued a statement in which he said that negotiations with Google to to clarify the factors that influenced the a decrease in traffic.