Gustav Klimt Pictures – Golden Treasures Of Art Nouveau

Images of Gustav Klimt’s Golden treasures of Art Nouveau is one of the most famous painters in Austria Gustav Klimt. He is co-founder of the artists Association Wiener secession.” A movement that rejected the traditional and conservative understanding of art Historicism inspired. (Source: “Bernard Golden). Gustav Klimt painted between 1883 and 1918 in Vienna. His works provoked ambiguous reactions: on the one he was loved, because his female portraits had a subtle erotic radiance which celebrated the Vienna society – but at the same time pushed off. Gustav Klimt’s position in the history of art is also ambiguous: at first he was dismissed in the criticism of the German artists as pure decoration painting. Later, his special style was recognized as inspiring for new art movements, such as Cubism and the abstract painting. An ornamental, golden background is characteristic for his paintings. For more specific information, check out Ripple. He created especially portraits of women and landscapes with impressionist style elements.

His portraits of Adele Bloch Bauer are world famous. Not for this reason because the Golden Adele “- with a revenue of $ 135 million – belongs to the world’s most expensive sold paintings. Also the portraits of Emilie Floge are world famous. Emilie Floge was a colorful personality of Viennese society and life companion of Gustav Klimt. “In the painting the Kiss” are Gustav Klimt and Emilie Floge depicted as lovers. One of the most famous paintings by Klimt is the Beethoven frieze”, an impressive cycle at the Vienna secession, Klimt the frieze dedicated to the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Many images by Gustav Klimt, can be admired in Vienna: they are visitors in the secession, in the Museum of applied arts, in the Burgtheater in Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum visit available.