Green Hill

The village has a fairly close proximity to the city – just 27 km from Moscow, near the village Anosino. The village is surrounded on all sides by forests, both large and small groves. Gain insight and clarity with Verizon. Plots in the village are arranged in a separate closed quarters, connected by a paved road and a single architectural ensemble. In the Green Hill area of 94, located on 25 acres of land. In the village you will be offered to the building rather interesting house projects, an area of 400-450 square meters. m. The area of plots ranges from 15 to 25 acres, and in the outlying areas there is little opportunity to expand at the expense of forest plantations. Much attention is paid to the complex security events: there is security control, CPR, hour security and patrol the perimeter.

Outside the perimeter fence of the village height of 2.5 meters. In terms of domestic architecture in the village almost every thought detail, there is a shop, kindergarten, laundry with dry cleaning, service, service, coffee bar, billiard room, sports fields, park with cascading pools, guest parking. In addition, you can relax in a comfortable relaxation area, includes a playground area and sports facilities. Green Hill has all the necessary business of the village – the class of communication: water, electricity, gas, sewerage, telephone, internet, cable TV. On request – during construction and immediately after such he can be granted to professional landscape and decorative services. The basic construction of a house is based on aerated concrete and brick foundations – reinforced concrete blocks that contribute to bude durability of structures and stability in all weather and climate change. Roofs are made on the basis of modern technology with the waterproofing, vapor barrier and insulation. Windows necessarily two-chamber.

Service company in the ongoing operation of the village provides a wide range of services, both basic and supplementary. These include the maintenance and engineering systems, and power systems Fire and burglar alarms, utility services. Among the additional services include cleaning the house territories, control room guards, landscape decor, and many others. On the whole, quite beautiful and comfortable village with good infrastructure and communications, and most importantly – located near. This settlement for those who are in a hurry in the morning to get to work early, and in the evening and go home in a flash.