Google – More Than A Search Engine

The influence of the search giant in the digital age earlier sought it in libraries in huge file cabinets information. In the digital age there is Google. The search engine giant from mountain view in California is the first stop for millions of people around the world. founded in 1998, Google has developed worldwide over the years to one of the most important companies. Daily, over 180 million searches are made in Germany alone. The market share is here at 89%, worldwide approximately 82%. Google’s self-professed goal of the information the world to organize and make generally usable and accessible, reached just before the turn of the century only 500,000 search queries per day.

From then on, it went uphill. End of 2000 was makes it possible to switch home under certain keywords (keywords) on the Google advertising. The sale of advertising makes up 96% of the profits today. $37.9 billion was generated in the last fiscal year. But instead of focusing only on the search engine, the company is continually developing further. Operating system and the popular email among the companies today not only the successful video platform YouTube, but also the Android developed specifically for mobile phones service GMail. Google employs over 25,000 people in the most diverse branches worldwide.

If you just look on the Internet, where Google seems to have a hand in the game everywhere. This is a thorn in the side of many privacy advocates, especially in Germany. By Google’s massive data collection, the user becomes a glass man. This can lead to significant loss of privacy, privacy advocates argue. It can take in some bizarre consequences, seen with the launch of Google Street view. The service in which you can virtually go through the streets, caused 2010 a wave of complaints which spilled over into the policy. What long has been considered in other countries normal, in many places caused outrage in Germany.