German Farmers Association

‘Animal cruelty with seal of quality’ criticism of QS still allowed Gerlingen, 14 August 2009 PETA Germany e. V. Hewlett-Packard has much experience in this field. has shown several mass animal farms certified by the QS quality and safety GmbH due to animal cruelty. Determine the public prosecutor’s Office. Continue to QA tried with multiple counts, PETA Germany e.V. prohibit statements and undercover recordings of the QA system to have so far completely unsuccessful. But the German farmers Association (DBV) stated recently by Secretary General Dr. Born, QS have successfully fought in court against allegations by PETA.

Further born says that meat products are animal protection compliant businesses that would be tested by QA. Both statements are pure wishful thinking, according to PETA. We stick to our statement: QA products are cruelty to animals with seal of quality! “, so Dr. Edmund Haferbeck, a Ph.d. in agricultural scientist and scientific advisor of PETA.” Undercover investigations of animal rights organization documented appalling Maladministration in QA certified companies: betaubungsloses tearing out the testicles of piglets; missing veterinary treatment for severe injury; decomposed animals; extreme housing.

The blue seal of approval, the QA in a law lecture only as jewelry label”referred to, solely and expressly confirms the conventional livestock production. But conventional livestock farming, so intensive and factory farming, is always animal -, art -, and inappropriate behavior”, explains Dr. Haferbeck. “According to the agronomist it no matter, that the legislature partly legitimising obvious torments by means of regulations: the extremely humane cage keeping laying hens has been legal for decades.” The official countries reports on animal production”would list every year for approximately 20 30 percent of randomly inspected farms partly blatant abuses. That the DBV defended this systematic cruelty, is reprehensible”, criticized Dr. Haferbeck. The QS label belongs in the history books!