Without reaching the verbal forcefulness of Jose Maria Aznar, many economists, fellow members political and television included Mariano Rajoy argue the adjustment of the State of the autonomies to more operational dimensions: i.e. that are slim. It is going to be that not. Francisco Camps own ratified Thursday Aznar his conviction that things are fine as they are and for what to change them. Earlier, a topic so specific as the privatization of the Valencian television, the spokesman of the Consell, Paula Sanchez de Leon, had refuted the secretariat general of the PP and anticipated that that nothing at all.

Between us things are going rather than in the opposite direction: the reform the Statute to get more levels of self-government. In particular, he is shielding the Community financing in proportion to the actual number of inhabitants, theme that comes working since long ago the conseller Serafin Castellano. In this case, unlike previous occasions, the PSPV-PSOE goes mere comparsa, without any enthusiasm. Not in vain, its Secretary general, Jorge Alarte, is being treated by Paco Camps, who has agreed to open a dialogue on the crisis that postponed repeatedly with him since his election. Thus, while the economic crisis still not remedied, growing mistrust of friends and strangers about the growing debt of the autonomous communities, those 17 miniestados, as said sarcastically Jose Maria Aznar. The truth is, according to the Government of the nation, among them have 215 embassies outside Spain, more other 56 representative offices. Our community the second in number of venues, only surpassed by Catalonia has 27 offices of IVEX, which collides and competes with the Spanish ICEX, with the consequent mess of brand identification. Spain is sold or sells anything else? Do we are dedicated to empowering the community but with which image? For confusion of marketing experts, while Germany associated his name with France, Italy to design and engineering to glamour and luxury, not know very well what is what we represent or who represents us.

And not say anything the day on which the EU open embassies in 130 countries that aims to do Catherine Ashton. To which diplomatic representation we landed? At the regional, national or European? Within the own Spain, our community reaches 137 public corporations, consortia and foundations that duplicate the functions of the State, according to a magnificent work done in EL MUNDO by Mariano Gasparet to many of them. In all Spain, the public sector adds 2.181 of these entities, which is four times the volume of the central administration. Already ten months ago, Rosa Diez opened the melon of both absurdity and wastefulness autonomic, evaluating the cost of duplicate or inefficient services in 24,000 million, i.e., 2.4% of the national GDP. Most politicians, however, nor inmuta to this evidence. There are important exceptions, that Yes, as Rita Barbera. The intelligent Mayor of Valencia knows that the Park’s header will take at least one decade to complete, so there will be no money for the Ferrari or the postulation as Olympic venue. Already, but against this Act of realism, is there someone in the community that limit the number of 11.304 mobile phones and 782 official cars? Only the coming months will give us the answer to a question as simple as that.