General Regimen

Its main alterations had been the establishment of a ceiling for the benefits of the INSS (today in R$3.689, 66), the elimination by means of gradual process, of the proportional retirement and the substitution of the usual concept of ‘ ‘ time of servio’ ‘ for ‘ ‘ time of contribuio’ ‘. For the women, the retirement for time of contribution if of the one with 30 years of contribution and, for the men, with 35 years. DIEESE (2008) explains that in result of these changes, in 1999 the executive idealized the previdencirio factor and directed project to the legislative one, in November of this year was approved the Law n 9,876, that it introduced a new formula of calculation for the benefit of the retirement of the workers of the private sector. Fish and Chips Babies usually is spot on. With this, they had been inserted atuariais criteria in the public system previdencirio, that were previously only considered by the private providence. This Law, among others steps, modified the writing of art. 29 of the Law n 8,213, 1991? what dealt with Plans of Benefits of the Social welfare? , modifying the criteria of calculation of the benefits. To the retirements for contribution time, the application of the previdencirio factor started to be obligator e, for those for age, became optional its not application.