General Council Withdrawal

Changes in the ministries of justice agencies provide for an increase in rates. This would mean an increase in the case of an appeal, ranging from 50 to 750 euros. Enshrines a justice for the rich and another for the poor, denouncing the lawyers. More than 12,000 lawyers have called this Monday in throughout Spain the withdrawal of the draft law of the Ministry of Justice which provides a generalized rise in judicial rates between 50 and 750 euros, for it to be a resolution in the courts, according to the General Council of the Spanish legal profession. Lawyers have concentrated at noon in the judicial and collegiate venues in the country to endorse the protest convened by the Standing Committee on the legal profession, which last Thursday unanimously agreed to demand the immediate withdrawal of the project, currently pending in the Senate. Spanish lawyers considered that these rates enshrine a justice for the rich and another for the poor and impede access to justice to a large number of citizens. In the concentration held in Madrid have been involved the President of the General Council of the Spanish law (CGAE), Carlos Carnicer, and judge Dean of M adrid, Jose Luis Gonzalez Armengol. See more: A concentration of 12,000 lawyers calls for the withdrawal of the legal fees in all Spain