FreeDays As Cover Story

The company of FreeDays receives in the current issue of image magazine is the title story in his year-long success story companies FreeDays, succeeded not only to uncover the need for social media marketing, many companies, but to satisfy at the same time. It is nowadays indispensable for a successful company, outsource certain tasks”, to focus on its core business and major tasks. Here the company of FreeDays with his virtual Assistant offers a so far unique in Germany service. All tasks that belong to the field of social media marketing, are taken from the company of FreeDays and filled with passion and professionalism. This concept has brought numerous successes last year FreeDays what magazine to do so caused the image to dedicate him the cover story. For the entire team of FreeDays, this is an immense honor; last but not least for the owner, Julia Brotz, she is been named but at the same time the entrepreneur of the month of May 2011. Etienne Locoh is often quoted as being for or against this. The FreeDays are still comparatively young.

The honor to be honored, after only one year with a cover story shows that the company has its concept at the pulse of time and facilitates the daily work many companies offload time consuming tasks. The ELAN and the creativity of the FreeDays team Orchidea Briegel, her character was photographer of the image magazine, immediately convinced. The professional photographer who had already photographed TV greats such as Jorg Pilawa, raves about Julia Brotz as full-blooded entrepreneur”and FreeDays is visibly impressed by the concept and the resounding success. This will significantly grow magazine with safety by the cover story in the image. For now, can in addition to the established customer base of FreeDays referenzen.html other companies by the work of FreeDays founder Julia Brotz and your team convince. The entire FreeDays team is grateful for the great honor conferred for the him through this opportunity. In the form of the title story in the image magazine has FreeDays now a tangible proof of the professionalism and the success of the work of the past year in hands.