Ferrari New

We are all going to lose. All used gases from leaks to the diffusers. Ban was surprised because it was one has something that used from half of 2010 and now, halfway through the 2011 prohibiting a career to another, has been one surprise for all, has pondered. About the modifications in the Ferrari, Alonso has commented: we bring aerodynamic improvements on the back, in the diffuser on the rear wing and we will be testing a new suspension, with which even we have not raced with her, and nothing more. We will try to adapt the car in terms of adjustments and everything we need with the new rules regarding the diffusers, where leaks may not blow in braking to the diffuser and therefore that loss of aerodynamics that we on braking just have to compensate somehow with mechanical suspension adjustments.

This will be the work we will try to do tomorrow if it doesn’t rain, and little more, he added. This modification, Alonso does not believe that the pilot has the perception of minimal loss of time at every turn. We are talking about long as in a turn of thou like we lose 4 or 5 tenths in 23 curves. If this pilot is going to notice? We would be supermen, it has secured. Alonso has cheered that on the remodeled Silverstone path, output has been located in another straight. It will be better to quit, since the third curve we find a braking.

We will arrive in seventh and we have to put second. There you can risk more with different strokes. It offers new possibilities. In the previous output, everything was a little boring after the first curve, he recalled. Source of the news: Fernando Alonso, optimistic by car, but with doubts about Silverstone