European River Bath

“National youth campaign for water conservation launched Berlin, Greifswald, Hamburg, Radolfzell, 28.3.2013. just in time for world water day gave Sabrina Schulz, fellow of the Greifswalder research group GETIDOS, at a rally at the Brandenburg Gate to kick off the big jump challenge: nationwide all people up to 25 years calling, to strong on June 16, 2013 with a bad action for their rivers, lakes and streams.” The event team of the three travel creative big jump events in the fall to the river Parliament to Berlin, to discuss their demands with members of Parliament. On classes, youth groups, sports clubs, student initiatives or individuals from now to the competition can register. The organizers offer also teaching materials, help with event planning and background information on the State of German waters. The big jump challenge is the youth campaign for European River Bath day. It is by the GETIDOS research group together with their partners green League e. V., German environmental aid e. V., Viva con Agua de St.

Pauli e. V., CISV Germany and the global nature Fund organized. Heinz Ratz has acquired the patronage of the project. The musician and singer-songwriter involved with his band of power & water”for pressing social problems for years. 2009, he swam over 800 km with several German rivers in protest against the extinction of the species. Currently, Heinz is Ratz with the refugees on tour to draw attention to the plight of refugees. “Sit in the jury the big jump challenge people, where waters are particularly close to the hearts: the student Maxi Krensel, in December 2012 with a canoe bet of his paddle Club Illingen betting, betting King that?” was. “The artist duo interim report” and the media designer ULI Henrik Santiago design rivers, springs and seas deal.

The target fish GbR tackle the topic from a different perspective the founder, they convey an animal – and nature conservation-oriented fishing. Is the author of Corinna Weidner “with their boat on rivers on the way and taking their LeserInenn in the Berlin worlds of water”. Florian Muller, physics student and 3rd place finisher of the Federal competition Jugend forscht”2012, has looked at drug residues in surface and drinking water. Together, the versatile international select the three winning teams of the big jump challenge. Initiator Dr. Rafael Ziegler takes so many enthusiastic supporters, finds the big jump challenge as an opportunity for further plans. “The representative of the Chair of environmental ethics at the University of Greifswald and head of the research group GETIDOS would like to establish the big jump challenge Europe 2015: we currently strive to support and would like to 2014 international cooperate.” Ziegler is sure that emotional and practical experience are essential if environmental issues will be perceived and discussed in society: for most it is a formative experience, to swim in the sea or river. In addition, learn important topics playfully in the focus of public attention back young people in bad actions, as they. So we are strengthening their forces as protagonists for a future Europe.” That belongs to the subject of water conservation on the social agenda, is in all of this out of the question. by 2015, all rivers and lakes in Europe in good condition should be. According to the third report of the Commission on the implementation of the water framework directive published in November 2012, 80% of German waters will miss this EU target. So, it’s time to creative and bubbly to indicate this failure.