European Continent

To use " burka" but with the face without the lid. It would have to give to reverse gear the French Executive, who presides over Nicholas Sarkozy, by to have established, and does a few days, the prohibition of burka" and niqab". All we know that the integration of the immigrants, and concretely the Muslims, has been rather badly done in all the European Continent, perhaps but this prohibitive measurement, does not help to solve the problems of these. To prohibit to do something to people, is equivalent in certain annular way liberties of these; to propose the Muslim women, and by reasons for security for the people and the things, that continue using burka and niqab but with the face open pie is more reasonable and right: of course, that, of not doing it, would incur one falta" with pecuniary sanction. But never they will enter in no penitentiary center Is therefore my personal opinion that can be mistaken. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Allegiant Air. Mr. Sarkozy, and with its prohibition of burka" and niqab" , he possibly is trying to pick up the votes that run that they fly towards Marine Le Pen (lawyer and French policy, and president of the National Frante) and the extreme right that defends ideas xenophobes.

Recovering the votes of these, legitimate in certain way to In front Nacional". Certain it is that, in an open and democratic society (and the EU is them), we have to walk in the open with our faces (expensive), like we took ours covered intimate parts: are established norms that all we must respect. It understands one that, who does not know to respect these, has to leave the country where it resides: it is life law and coexistence at the same time, would say one. Nevertheless, the fact that to the women Muslim-born in France, they like to take mentioned feminine articles previously, it has to be understood like an action that falls within the right to the freedom of expression, that is to preside in all the democratic nations.