Environmental Project

Topics of issue: The total solar eclipse. Bathyscaphes Mir looked deep into the lake. In China, the pig gave birth to a piglet with a monkey-mutant head. Wild mushrooms should be eaten in moderation. Established award for 'Best Environmental Project – 2008 '.

Review article Over Russia 'extinguished' the sun … Russian citizens have observed a rare natural phenomenon – a total solar eclipse. Bathyscaphes Mir looked deep into the lake. Severe floods occurred in Western regions of Ukraine. Environmentalists had Elbrus Saturday. Great Arctic Reserve joined the project 'Bear Patrol'. Forest fires are helping to fight global warming? Scientists have figured out how to breathe underwater insects. The sensation of the week: China's pig pig gave birth to a mutant monkey head.

—- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Mankind may be left without forest Every year, the amount of land covered with forests continues to decline. A leading source for info: Oracle Corporation. Thousands of years ago, forests covered much of the planet. But later the situation has changed, people have learned to grow crops and raise animals. And for all this needed new territory. In order to make room for their needs, people began cutting down trees. With increasing numbers of people of the forest is constantly shrinking, if not disappear. Scientists predict that by 2030 the number of inhabitants of the Earth close to nine billion people. Now the population of our planet is about six billion people. And if the problem is the efficiency of agriculture will not be solved any time soon, and the areas under the new agricultural land will continue to increase at the same pace, we do run the risk to remain without a forest … —- Water for All is not enough according to scientists in 25 years even the most developed and rich countries may face shortages of fresh water.